Visa Information


Foreigners entering Korea must have a valid passport and visa. Visitors from 103 countries wishing to enter Korea temporarily are permitted to do so without a visa according to the visa-exemption agreements. Please contact the Republic of Korean Embassy in your country to receive accurate information on visa regulations.

(Further Information)

Invitation Letter

Please contact the Secretariat via email( stating which of the documents below you require to apply for your Visa.

Document Requirements for Visa Applications
District Invitation Letter Certificate of Business Registration Tax Clearance Certificate / Tax Details EADC 2020 Program / Introduction document
Shanghai Free form O O O
Qingdao Free form O X O
Beijing Free form O X O
Guangzhou Embassy template O X O
Shenyang Free form O O O
Xi’an / Xianyang Free form O X O
Zhangjiajie Free form O X X